Dear clients,

In the midst of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, and in an effort to supply our community with an item high in demand during these uncertain times, Dori Shoes is temporarily replacing dance shoes’ production with face masks. Our hand made washable masks come with an integrated non-woven fabric that functions as a filter, plus a pocket for filter with one replaceable PM2.5 carbon activated filter. Note that mask availability may be limited due to high demand. Samples and swatches available on our CATALOG PAGE.


Welcome to Dori Shoes- Pointe Heels…


This new breed of high-heeled pointe shoe is the result of a love for a broad range of dance styles. Our patented, bifunctional shoe has the flexibility and strength to allow the dancer to go from standing on the heel to an en pointe position. Its unique construction features a pointe shoe’s toe box with a dance heel, and a flexible sole, providing the dancer with tools to combine multiple dance styles with moves from classical ballet.


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